Purpose and Intent

Apigee does not officially support running Apigee Edge Portal in docker containers for on-premises customers. However, a self-contained docker image is being provided for evaluation purposes primarily targeted to prospective customers who intend to use the software on-premises

Quick Start

This docker image contains latest Apigee Edge Portal .


Running Docker Container

Step 0: Login to docker registery

Login with software.apigee.com (NOT docker!) credentials.

docker login docker.apigee.net

Step 1: Pull the image. Specify version if you want to pull a specific version.

docker pull docker.apigee.net/apigee-edge-portal
docker run --name apigee-edge-portal -d -p 80:8079 -P -it docker.apigee.net/apigee-edge-portal

How to access the product?

**Note : it takes the UI a few mins to load after docker start

The Developer Port: 80
Portal UI Admin user: trial@apigee.com
Portal UI Admin password: Secret123

Connecting to Edge Instance

You can start the container by passing the edge details as environment variables during docker run
For ex:

docker run --name apigee-edge-portal -d -p 80:8079 -P -v $PWD/data:/opt/apigee/data -v $PWD/customer:/opt/apigee/customer -e MGMT=http://localhost:8080/v1 -e USER=trial1@apigee.com -e PASSWORD=Secret1234 -it apigee-edge-portal:latest


The steps mentioned above allows you to start docker container easily but what happens whhen you start/ stop destroy container. The docker image comes with following volume mounting :

| Volumes       | Mount point in image | Purpose                                         |
| ------------- |--------------------- | ------------------------------------------------|
| data          | /opt/apigee/data     | Runtime configuration and data                  |
| customer      | /opt/apigee/customer | All customer configuration.                     |

When the container starts for the first time, the mounted data and customer directory is intialized from the image. On subsequent boot, it will boot from the volume.

How do you start Apigee edge with volume mounting :
In your Workspace directory create 3 local directories.

mkdir -p data
mkdir -p customer
docker run --name apigee-edge-aio -d  -p 80:8079 -P -v $PWD/data:/opt/apigee/data -v $PWD/customer:/opt/apigee/customer -it apigee-edge-portal